AVSEC World mission

AVSEC World is a Aviation Security Consultancy Company based in the Netherlands and working from our homebase at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, which provides training and consultancy services, to inform, train and advise goverments, organisations, airports, airlines and individuals on aviation security related subjects concerning risks, threats, terrorism, criminal activities, implementation of new security equipment
(Security Scan, EDS, ETD, X-ray and Smart CCTV with the ultimate goal to prevent disruption of safe and secure traveling of passengers using airports  and airlines world wide.

Airports and airlines are faced with constanly changing risk and threat levels for now and the near future. Airports and airlines around the world are constantly looking for new and innovative security solutions. The AVSEC World Aviation Security solutions are custom made, in line with the specific type of operation.

AVSEC WORLD has a broad experience in implementing aviation security solutions with a focus on constantly changing risk and threat levels. We are aviation security specialist on operational, tactical and strategic levels. Our experience is based on governmental and commercial working environments.