AVSEC World Services

AVSEC WORLD is specialist in the field of;

  • ICAO and ECAC requirements and regulations
  • National aviation Security programmes (NCASP)
  • Airport security Programs
  • Airline security programs
  • National and International aviation security legislation
  • Aviation security training (programmes and train-the-trainer)
  • Technical solutions
  • Emergency response programs
  • Contingency plan
  • X-ray supervision and monitoring
  • X-ray training
  • Aviation Security auditing
  • Red teaming, quality testing
  • New aviation security equipment implementation projects
  • Passenger handling
  • Profile of high risk passengers
  • HBS setups and checkpoint setups.

AVSEC WORLD has a broad experience in conducting aviation security audits in line with requirements as stated ICAO, ECAC and EU aviation security documents. Our client and AVSEC WORLD determine the scope, duration, scale and confidential reporting of the aviation security audit. From in- to debriefing, we are you dedicated partner for this job for all the aviation security related subjects for airports and airlines.

With many years of experience at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and as auditor of ICAO we are capable and more then ready to work with you.

Advise on actual aviation security training needs?
AVSEC WORLD is your designated partner over more than a decade in analyzing the actual training needs for aviation security training. Not only needs concerning what subjects have to be trained, but also who has to be trained and duration of training, also keeping in mind initial and recurrent training needs and requirements.

We have many years of experience in the field of Aviation Security training at different kind of Airports.  Conducting all kinds of training for all the disciplines which you need to run the security at any airport according to the local and international standard. We have our own International acknowledged training products and certified trainers.

  • Training for High-end Security Managers, strategic and tactical management.
  • Training for Operational Management
  • Training for supervisors and team leaders
  • Training for aviation security agents to do very kind of discipline. (CBS, HBS, Checkpoint Screening, Surveillance, Security awareness, Cargoscreening, X-ray, EDS, ETD, Profile, Security Scan and many more)


Aviation security consultancy is our core business. Due to our broad experience in the field of aviation security we can share our knowledge and experience in this field with private and public organizations active in aviation security, worldwide. Our consultants can offer you advise on all aspects of aviation security. We operate prompt, efficient and discreet.

AVSEC World consultants are specialists in the field of conducting aviation security audits, inspections, surveys and consultancy. The goal of conducting audits is to evaluate the extent to which international national and internal standards are being met.

AVSEC World highlights organizations deficiencies when organizations do not meet these standards. AVSEC World consultants have a broad range of experience in aviation security in a national and international environment. The audits covers all areas of aviation security activities within organizations on operational, tactical and strategic levels.

AVSEC World reports audit result to the organization, clear, precise and of course all information forthcoming from the audit will be treated as confidential.
R4ME is the designated specialist for all elements of aviation security, if it’s about training, staffing, technology, testing, contingency planning, threat analysis, aviation security programmes etc., we are your reliable partner in the field of aviation security.

The AVSEC World scope of aviation security consultancy (not limited to):
• National civil aviation security programmes
• Airline security programmes
• Cargo security programmes
• Catering security programmes
• Contingency programmes
• Emergency respons programmes
• Training programs